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Logitech Boom speaker repair

The Logitech Squeezebox Boom has a major fault. The rubber of the woofers is falling apart after a few years:


What you need:

  • New speaker rings R31C from speakerrepairshop
  • Glue
  • A mini hot air gun. Most gas operated soldering irons have a special tip which transforms it in a mini hot air gun. For instance this one
Start heating the rubber very gently. To hot or to close and the paper cone is burned. You need to adjust the heat/distance and only melt the glue:

Pull the rubber from the speaker cone. If you apply enough heat and pull in the direction of the radius of the speaker cone you won't damage the paper:
peelaway more peeling even more peeling

Also remove the rubber and the old glue on the metal frame with a sharp knife
It should like like this:
peeling done

Apply glue to the paper cone and the new rubber ring.

After the glue has dried for a minute or two drop the new rubber on the paper cone. You have to center it correctly on the first try. If not try moving it around. Finally apply pressure on the rubber ring and paper cone.

Cut a straw to 6,5 cm max.

Insert it in the bottom of the woofer and place the woofer on a table with the straw inserted. If the straw is longer or has sharp edges you could damage the paper cone.

The paper cone and new rubber is now lifted.
straw inserted 2

Apply glue to the metal frame and the new rubber ring. The glue needs to dry for two minutes. 
Lift the woofer from the table. The cone drops and the rubber is glued to to metal frame. If you lifted the speaker correctly the speaker cone is now centered in the metal frame
Check the speaker carefully if the coil is moving free and not touching the magnet.
If not try to correct it.

Once everything is centered apply pressure with a coin to fix the bond.

Finished and ready for reassembly:

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